Arboreal Gators

Arboreal Gators, also known as Drop Gators, are a unique and little-known species of alligator that have adapted to live in trees. These formidable predators are a legitimate threat to humans and other animals, as their preferred method of attack is to drop from the trees and quickly overwhelm their prey. Arboreal Gators have a number of adaptations that allow them to live and hunt in trees. They have long, powerful legs that enable them to climb trees with ease, and their tails are specially adapted for balance and agility.

SSH using SSM

One of the features of using SSM is the ability to access an EC2 command line from the AWS console. But you can also use the SSM plugin to SSH into an EC2 instance from the command line.


Years ago, I needed to run dig on my cellphone, and there weren’t great solutions at the time. Most websites that would allow you to run dig or nslookup commands weren’t optimized for cell phones, and it’s surprising how often I needed to run dig commands from hosts outside corporate firewalls. The first version of dig.wtf was written in Golang and ran on AWS Elastic Beanstalk. I rewrote the site in Python to run in Lambda a couple of years later.


s2sphere Python Module Lat and Long Precision Convert a latitude and longitude from their integer forms (we prefer integers to floating points because the latter results in too large a loss of precision) to a level 30 cell ID. This conversion will result in a loss of precision by a few centimeters. 1 2 3 4 5 6 lat = 37791541 lng = -122390014 cellid = s2sphere.CellId.from_lat_lng(s2sphere.LatLng.from_degrees(lat/1e6,lng/1e6)) print(f"LatLong: {cellid.to_lat_lng()}") LatLong: LatLng: 37.